There is something special when reading a newspaper, instead of a digital version. I think it’s one of the things that will look and feel special at any time in history.
This one has been captured in the central bus station of Chisinau a couple of months ago when it was in renovation.

Erasing history
A woman is taking a photo of a worker who is erasing graffiti from the Berlin Wall.

I’m not guilty
A photo of the president of the Republic of Moldova on a tree during a mass protest the government in February 2016.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

A child walks with his gifts nearby the priest that is sanctifying the graves during the celebration of the Day of Rejoicing in Tocuz, Republic of Moldova.
In the Russian Orthodox Church, it is a commemoration of the departed observed on the second Tuesday of Pascha (Easter) or, in some places (in ​​​​​​​southwest Russia), on the second Monday of Pascha.​​​​​​​

This kid was playing with me hide and seek while his mother was drinking with somebody. He noticed me having a camera and he was shy but very curious and, at small intervals, he looked at me to see if I’m still there. Then the mother observed me with my camera and insisted on photographing the boy. She said that his father was a very rich man from Kazakhstan and he has another family. If I wanted to, I could show him the photo of the boy and blackmail him. I didn’t do what she said, obviously, as it was nonsense and she was quite drunk, as I said. Nevertheless, me and the kid were having a moment together and it was fun for the booth of us.

Different ways of enjoying snow
A girl is looking at the first snowflakes of the year as two colleagues are taking a selfie.

It is a strange choice of images, as related to the meaning of the well-known "Allah Akbar" and the hanging of the leaders of the Social-Democratic Party, the ones culpable of the situation in Romania, and the protests that had taken place. Moreover, the image of the well-known reigning Vlad Țepeș appears, and therefore, a popular poem of M. Eminescu:
"Rise once more, o Tepes!
Take and divide these men
As lunatics and rogues in two big tribes, and then..." - (SATIRE III)

Come to play
A kid waiting for his friends to play in the village of Tocuz, Republic of Moldova.

The firefighters are having a hard time with the car​​​​​​​ because the fuel is in a gas cylinder and they can’t stop the fire until they stop the gas. The hard part was to stop the gas, as the car could have exploded in any moment. It was a very tensioned situation, but the firefighters succeeded to stop the fire.​​​​​​​

I remember when I was little how much I waited for snow and how happy I was when it finally did snow. Here, at my grandparents’ village it snowed all night and in the morning children were on the streets playing, even if outside was -15 degrees. Remember when you were little how happy you were when it snowed? 
Tocuz – Republic of Moldova, 6 January 2017

At a market in Sibiu, Romania

The “Eternity” memorial that was built in honor of the memory of soldiers who died in battles for the liberation of Moldova and Chisinau, during the World War II. Nowadays it is a quiet place where you can see mostly people walking with babies.

Two kids running on the train lines after the train has passed.

The Communist symbols, hammer and sickle (☭), on the abandoned circus in Chisinau, that some decades ago, was the symbol of art& authentication of the capital.

Life insurance
It often usual in the eastern Europe country’s that drivers have in the car some religious icons, but sometime there are so much that you barely can count them.

Two beggars in the center of Chisinau, with a box that has the word “joy” on it.

Different generations
Two couples, one monument, different types of love.

This image shows the ethnic social conflict from the Republic of Moldova, were the society is divided in those believing that their roots are romanians and those that believe that the roots are moldavians. Here someone wrote that people of Moldova are Romanians, but someone tried to erase it.  

Messages as ”I love Moldova” and “Keep calm and love Moldova” besides a t-shirt with Putin that says “If a fight is imminent, you need to hit first.” and with soviet hats.

A dog with his chain in a village in the south of the Republic of Moldova.

During the holidays, the trains in Romania are full. Because people have a lot of luggage, they put them in the hallway and it’s very hard sometimes to walk through it.​​​​​​​

During the “Day of Rejoicing” (the Russian Orthodox Church holiday), the people put Kalach and another bakery on the graves of kinsfolks with some small gifts. After the priest sanctifies the graves with wine and frankincense, the people give that food and gifts to other people so the soul of kinsfolks could rest in peace.

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